2005 ... 7th-Annual, Hastings

New Zealand

Henry A arrived safely today and has made himself at home in our office.

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 Spent all day sitting on the photocopier taking everything in.
Henry A sure is a lovely bear and has been to an awful lot of events.

How old is Henry A ?. (4-and-a-half years old)

Thursday night is the start of  Napier's Art Deco weekend so Henry A will be attending the Hawkes Bay Model A club
cocktail party held here and will meet up with his hosts Kevin and Pauline as well as meeting all our club members.

 Will keep you posted on Henry's visit ... By for now Roger and Carolyn Anderson ... Feb. 27, 2005:

Hi Clara & Edsel

I'm having a lovely time in New Zealand with only 3 days until the rally begins.

Art Deco sure was a fun weekend,

 starting out here at the Anderson's cocktail party for the Model A Club and friends.

Saturday was the rally with my new friend Charlie bear and on Sunday I went to the Gatsby picnic.

My new friend Carolyn made me a super waistcoat and bow tie and bought me a bowler hat
to complete the outfit that I wore to all the events.

I have also been busy wrapping the prizes for the rally and writing up the meal tickets.

Three weeks ago I went to Wellington for a couple of days rest and last weekend

I went to Taupo with Roger, Carolyn, Kevin and Pauline
the Model A's and I stayed at the McGrath's batch for the Taupo Rally.
They took me shopping and bought me a new rugby cap, boots and ball,
so now I am a kiwi for the next few weeks.

Thursday night is registration night with a Noggin and natter,
so I will get to meet a few of the participants going to the rally.

Tonight is our final committee meeting so I am allowed to sit and listen
and have coffee and Easter eggs for supper.

The above photos are of me enjoying the Taupo Rally.

Love to you all back home ... Henry ... 3/23/05

Hi Clara & Edsel

Where do I start?   The week leading up to the rally was very busy
starting on Monday night with a meeting to finalise the weekend programme
which I was allowed to join in on finishing

with an Easter egg supper.

On Tuesday afternoon all the props for the “Blokes Shed” at the entrance,
Granny’s corner with the spinning wheel, rocking chair and wool etc.,
together with the Gatsby picnic scene with beach chair, umbrella, car tube etc.,
plus Carolyn’s racks and racks of Era and Art Deco clothes,
hats were taken to the venue in Hastings together with all the rally bags
and the merchandise to fill them.

Wednesday morning it was up early and over to Hastings
which is 20 minutes from Taradale where I am staying at the moment.

Pauline and Lyn started on the bags with help from me.
What a lovely bag  full of  bits, a weekend bag, 2 coffee mugs, umbrella,
rally book, maps, car badge, note pad and pen and of course lots of lollies.

Janice worked on her displays and Carolyn went upstairs
and started on the upstairs Fashion Sewing Room.

Later in the day Fred and Lyn put the Hubley Derby track together
and took their cars for a spin.
By 4.30 pm all was completed with only the flowers to arrange on Thursday morning.
All the Model A Club ladies had grown Sunflowers
and collected flax and silver dollar branches
so Joan and Pauline met at 9 am to make a start.
Uncle Charlie painted buckets and cardboard tubes
which were used for the tall arrangements
and the Club members supplied large containers for the arrangements
in the reception area, the front entrance and the restaurant.
By 1pm we were all finished ready for the registrations at 4.00pm
and the Noggin & Natter at 6pm.
What a night with over 150 people and two thirds of the rally bags collected.
By 11pm I was home after a nap on the way as it had been a busy few days.

All night long it poured with rain so I crossed my fingers and toes
hoping for a fine day on Friday, as it was a free day.
Guess what it worked and a lovely day for our visitors to see the sites of Hawkes Bay.

There were also plenty of activities at the racecourse where the rally was held.
Carolyn had her upstairs fashion display open and entertained the ladies
in the afternoon getting them to make a simple cocktail hat which 40 ladies really enjoyed.
Friday night was the opening dinner with local TV presenter Paul Holmes
who was piped in to open the weekend and was really funny talking
about his plane crash in his vintage Bi-Plane a few months ago.
He had the use of Roger and Carolyn’s 1928 Phaeton called “Ruby”.

Again it rained in the night so I was hoping for a fine day as Saturday was open day
for the public with a Show & Shine display

of all the 130 cars that had entered the Rally.
Other events were car judging, Gymkhana, Tyre Pumping, Hubley racing and
Carolyn’s hat making as the ladies who missed out wanted to have a go also.

I went out with Kevin & Pauline and spent all day helping Pauline on the reception desk
which is a neat way to meet everyone.
Kevin helped with the judging score sheets as he could operate a lap top.

Saturday night was the dine and dance so we rushed home about 5 o’clock
to shower and change into our era fashion for the night.

It was a lovely dine and dance which only a few not dressing up.

Carolyn and her daughter Joanne judged the Fashion
which was very hard with so many beautiful outfits.

Sunday was rally day starting at Paul Homes homestead “Mana Lodge”
at Poukawa south of Hastings.

Up early in the morning to be there at 8.30 am ready for all the 130 ‘A’s to arrive.
The morning tea in the grounds under the olive trees, another fashion judging,
this time day wear, a little talk from Paul Holmes about Mana Lodge,
then it was cars off on an hour run which took us to Elsthorpe Domain
for a lunch organised by the local ladies.
A beautiful place in Central Hawkes Bay with a lovely beach 30 minutes away
which was an option a number of people took to eat their lunch

After lunch everyone including  the ladies who entered the Ladies Run
drove  back to Hastings via beautiful Central Hawkes Bay and Havelock North.
This run took over 1 1/2 hours and some of the entrants carried on over to Napier
via the coast to view the Art Deco Buildings and port area.

I headed back with the  committee to set up table displays,
write up the certificates and line up the prizes ready for prize giving that night.
We had another lovely meal followed by the Prize giving
then a quiz show “It’s in the Bag”. This was really fun with 12 bags,
10 with nice prizes and two with booby prizes which were a pair of bloomers
to polish your ‘A’ with and a ladies makeover kit which was a jar of polyfiller.
The other prizes were a Holden pillowslip, wok & rice, travel rug,
fire extinguisher, petrol vouchers, weekend bag, George Foreman grill,
car cleaning products, picnic set and a framed all black rugby jersey
which happened to be won by Janice a club member.

Janice decided to put the jersey up for auction.
I have never been to an auction so loved the experience.
It went really well and fetched $750.00.
The jersey went to a Fire Station Social Club in the Coromandel.
That was quite a night going home after midnight
 once the committee and Kevin & Pauline had a quick tidy up and a nightcap.

Monday morning I had another early start with the farewell breakfast.
It was a lovely finish to the weekend

with 180 people saying goodbye.

By 10am all the visitors had left and it was the big cleanup
which didn’t take too long as club members arrived with Ute’s and trailers
and by midday it was all done.
After lunch Roger and Carolyn still had the portaloos
and Ruby to collect from Paul Holmes
and Carolyn had all the clothes and hats to return to their owners
which has taken her all week.
Kevin, Pauline and I had a long nap on Monday afternoon
as we were tired after a very enjoyable and successful
7th National Model A Rally with everyone enjoying the way the weekend went.

This last week I have taken it easy with Pauline and her grandchildren
Kate and James who visit most days and will be going back to
Roger and Carolyn's after Sunday’s run.

Sunday was the Model A Clubs monthly run
so 10 A’s met at Clive for a 10 minute drive to Te Awanga,
a lovely beach area for morning tea at the Heaps’s
and we looked at Ian’s closed cab truck he is rebuilding
and from there we drove to John & Sharon Hayes Homestay

and looked at their barn of collectables which everyone enjoyed.
Lunch was on their back lawn under a beautiful tree

with a swing which I go to sit on and enjoy the view.

After lunch we drove into Hastings to Rush Munro’s Ice cream Garden
to have their famous homemade ice cream, the same recipe since 1932.
It’s yummy, full of real fruit and really creamy
and put into the cone with a spoon not an ice cream scoop.
From there we went onto Cranford Hospice to present a cheque for $1500.00 dollars

which was the gate takings from the open day on Saturday.
The hospice is a lovely old villa with 10 separate bedrooms for the dying to be cared for.
The guys from the rally committee then took all the nurses for a ride around the block
while the ladies looked through the hospice.

We then went home and the committee went on to the Andersons
for a windup meeting followed by a finger food tea.

This is my friend Keven McGrath.
The McGrath’s and I were invited for tea
and it was a really lovely finish to the whole weekend.

As you can see I have been well looked after
and I am having a wonderful time here in Hawkes Bay.

The Rally committee and some members of the Model A Club
are off to Taupo over Anzac Weekend (23-25 April)
and I have been asked to join them if I have nothing booked in my diary.
I would love to join them as Trevor has a wonderful weekend planned.
If my weekend is booked then Carolyn will have me boxed up
with my new wardrobe and sent home in the next few days.

I have missed you all and wished you could have been here
 with me but we have lots of photos to look back on.

See you all soon.

Love Henry ... 4/6/05

Dearest Henry:

Did you get to ride with the nurses at the hospice?
I hope so as they do a wonderful job and need a
little fun during the day. I also hope you told the
driver that he appears to be driving from the
wrong side of the car?

Henry dear, I give my permission for you to stay
provided you wash your underwear and watch your
manners at tea time. You always were a little
clumsy with a teacup.

Edsel is fine but is anxious for summer vacation!

I have to admit you really do look handsome
all dressed up for the party.

Give everyone our best and tell them the story and
photos have kept us advised of your travels and
although we are a tad bit jealous we know you are
well taken care of.


Clara and Edsel ... 4/10/05

April 12, 2005

Hi Clara and Edsel

I've been tripping away again.
This weekend to Whangarei 2hours drove from Auckland,
7hours from Napier were I am staying.

Roger, Carolyn, Trevor, Lyn and me left Napier 4.30 Friday afternoon
when Lyn got home from finishing work.

We drove as far as Taupo where we brought Fish and Chips for tea.
Kelly the Charmans daughter and her partner Malcolm met
up with us to collect a rose bush that her Mum had with her,
then it was off to Angela's - their other daughter -
who works on a dairy farm for our tea.

By this time it was 6.30 and getting dark;
Trevor missed the gateway three times
but the 4th time lucky we arrived and ate our tea.

Angela has a neat wee kitten "JASMINE"
who is very playful and took a swipe at me.
I think she thought I wasn't a friendly bear,
but she soon  came around and we become buddies.

After a short break we were on the road again
to Auckland another 4 hours away. By this time it waspitch black
and an awful lot of traffic on the road so I had a nap.
We arrived at the motel about 11.00 went straight to bed as it was up early
Saturday morning to be in Whangarei by 10.00.

Trevor was meeting a guy who had a 1930 Closed Cab pickup for sale.
We had a quick breakfast, fueled up with petrol
and on the road by 8.00 arriving in Whangarei on time.
The pickup was looked at under and over and taken for a drive by us all.

By 12.00 Trevor had brought it.
It was then off to Alex McKinley's - a guy we had met at the rally -
to see his 2 phaetons for sale. We only looked as Roger and Trevor
just wanted to see how they looked and ran as there as always people
asking after A's, here in Hawkes Bay.
Photo's were taken so Roger can add to his web site.

We left Whangarei at 2.30 planning to stop in Hamilton for the night
but it was booked out so we had tea and carried on to Cambridge
which also was booked. We carried on making Taupo at 11.00 and
had the night at the McGraths batch.

 Sunday we woke to a beautiful day,with the lake like a mirror.
We went back out to Angela's to help her bring in the herd
for milking and take lunch. After lunch we headed home
getting in about 5.30.

It was a lovely weekend meeting some lovely people
and I really enjoyed the drive there and back with beautiful
green country side, cities and towns.

Bye for now and love to you all



P.S.This weekend there's a Model A BBQ to thank all the rally helpers
and Sunday the HB Vintage Car Club have their monthly run, this month
we are off to Puketitiri 1 hours drive from here to visit a private museum
of old farming stuff and of course vintage cars. 

I'll write again next week.


April 20, 2005

Hi  Clara and Edsel,

It's been another busy week here with my stay becoming shorter.

Saturday afternoon we had a Model A Club BBQ at Joanne's and Paul's
to thank all the helpers that helped with the 7th National Model A Rally.
Over 30 arrived with Joanne putting on heaps of salads
 and Paul BBQing all the meats.
I was very good and helped with handing out the drinks and nibbles
and I even helped with the dishes when everyone had gone home.

Sunday it was up early to get ready for the Hawkes Bay Vintage Car Club monthly run.
All the A's going meet here at 9.45 then it was off to the club rooms by 10.00 for the briefing.
I headed off with Roger and Carolyn in their 1930 left hand drive coupe
which they imported from Pico Rivera, California in Dec 2003
so I really felt at home sitting between them.

We had our briefing then it was follow the instructions on into the Dartmoor Valley
where Roger and Carolyn lived 10 years ago
and onto Puketitiri and Les Lemmon's private museum.
A lovely old man in his eighties with six vintage cars that the family had owned since new.
Mostly Buicks, a Bean, and a tin lizzy coupe, no Model A's.  

His sheds were so fill of memorabilia that everyone wants to go back and take a second look.
From here we went another 10mins up the road to Balls clearing for our picnic lunch and natter.
Ben (the 1930 pick-up Trevor brought last weekend) was well looked over,
sat in and compared by other members. 

Wayne Clarke arrived on the run in his 1940"s fire engine
with his little dog who I thought was Hairy McCleary, he was so cute.

About 2.30 we all packed up and made our way home.
It was a lovely run enjoyed by 34 cars and their owners.
Once home I went out with Roger and Carolyn to go over the ladies run
which Carolyn is putting together for the car clubs May run.
This is an annual event which Carolyn won last year so the winner has
to organize the next one. Carolyn's theme is Deco Affair
followed by High Tea which everyone will be encouraged to dress in Era Fashion
and the run is around the streets of Napier and Taradale looking at the deco era.

Friday I'm off to Taupo once again for Anzac Weekend Model A Run
organized by Trevor and Lyn. So far six cars are coming
and I'm staying at the McGrath's batch again with Kevin and Pauline and Roger and Carolyn.

Miss you heaps and wish you could have enjoyed my holiday with me.
See you at the end of the month.



Henry, dear,

I see you are having a great time and are very busy.
However, I must remind you that you have never helped around here
with the dishes so I hope you will bring this new found education home with you!

Edsel and I loved the photos especially the ones with cows.
By the time you return home Edsel will be on his summer
break from school so you will have lots of time to regale him with your adventures.


 Clara and Edsel

p.s. I see you have some new shoes!

May 3, 2005 

Hi Clara and Edsel,

My last letter before I'm boxed up and on my way home.

Last weekend was a lovely way to say goodbye to my new friends
from the Hawkes Bay Model A Club.
The McGraths, Malcolms, Charmans, Roger ,Carolyn and of course me
left Napier for Taupo at 4.30pm arriving at the McGraths batch for a Fish and Chip tea at 6.30pm.
Pat and Neil had the batch next door and Trevor and Lyn had a house a few blocks away.

 We woke Saturday to a beautiful, crisp sunny day so after a shared breakfast
we headed round the lake to Turangi stopping at all the little bays on the way.
It’s now coming into winter here so while we were having lunch
Pat suggested we head for the Tongariro National Park and Mt Ruapehu
while there was no snow on the road up to the top of the Bruce were they ski in the winter.
Off we went but by the time we reached the mountain 1 hour away
the mist had come down and there was light rain falling.
It also had got colder so we took photos and headed back
to "The Grand Chateau" built in 1929, a beautiful old Hotel
that was used as a hospital during the war.

After more photos we headed back to Taupo
and that night the Paterson family joined us
for a BBQ tea at the batch, which we all enjoyed.

 Next morning we were up with the sparrows as they say here as Trevor
had an all day  run planned. The Jones’s joined us from Napier
for this so we now had five A's and a ute on the run.
Another crisp day but the sun was shining. I was in my favourite car,
Rogers and Carolyn’s coupe as I can see everything sitting in the back between them.
The first stop morning tea at a lovely wayside picnic area surrounded by natural bush.
The Paterson girls took a liking to me and made a real fuss,
so for the rest of the day I went with their family
in their Fordor A, and they looked after me.
We travelled on forestry roads to the middle of the North Island,
did a 10 minute bush walk to see an old caterpillar tractor which I got to sit on.

Next stop lunch, but by now it had started to drizzle
and as the locals were using the deerstalker’s hall
we were able to use that if we were out by 1.00pm,
so their members could watch a video.
That was fine by us so we spread our shared lunch out
and enjoyed the warmth from the gas heaters.
After lunch the rain had passed over and it was off again
to view the largest Totara tree in N.Z.

We all lined up for another photo and we were off
Hannah, Sara and me leading the way.
It was a lovely 20 minutes bush walk with rays of sun light through the trees,
real earthy smell and lots of Tui's and bird life singing.
Pat even thought she could get away with hocking like a pig
to frighten Carolyn but that backfired on her.
The Totara tree was over 1050 years old going by the sign.
From here we went back into Taupo via Angela’s and her cows.
This time they were being milked which I didn’t see on the previous visit.
We got back into Taupo after 5.00pm and Pauline had her cup of tea
while the others put their feet up, then we got changed,
meet at the Charman’s house before heading down to
the Cossie club for dinner.  A nice meal with nice company.

 Monday morning Neil was up and off to Dawn parade being Anzac Day.
The rest of us had a lie in, then had breakfast and packed up
ready for the straight line navigation around the streets
of Richmond Heights that Kevin had saved from the Taupo Rally two years ago.
What fun, no one getting it right.

By now it was 11.00am time to get on the road.
The Napier-Taupo road had a falling of snow overnight
but the road was open and what a pretty sight
the sides of the road and the hills looked.

We stopped at Te Haroto for lunch so I got to play in the snow.
After lunch we headed home.
Once back in Napier we all waved our goodbyes
to each other and went our separate ways.

It really was a lovely finish to my holiday in Napier, New Zealand.
I just wished you could have been here with me to enjoy it as well.
I would love to be asked back again sometime in the near future.
See you next week as this afternoon Carolyn is boxing me up
so Monday she can go to the Post Office and post me home.
 I'm not looking forward to that part again but I'll have my comb honey
and marmite with me which I've taken a liking to, so I won't go hungry.

Lots of love to you all.


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