Henry "A" Bear accompanies the Bakersfield Chapter
to Marie Callender's
for Breakfast on Saturday,
August 26th, 2000.

Henry dutifully laughs
at President Garth's joke
(note that the others don't bother).
MC-Henry-1.JPG (77360 bytes) 

Michael, the manager,
shows Henry the cakes and pies.
MC-Henry-Mgr2.JPG (73304 bytes)

After ordering,
Henry patiently awaits his food.
MC-Henry-2.JPG (74652 bytes)

Everything goes very-well
 until Sarah, the server, shows-up
and presents the Club's bill.
MC-Henry-Sarah.JPG (75504 bytes)

Henry is now thinking of checking-out other MAFCA clubs
to see if they have as much fun - and pay their own bills.

Please invite Henry
to visit your club/event