Henry accompanied the Bakersfield Chapter on the
October 1, 2000 trip to Frazier Park, California (MAP) .

Annually, Bakersfield invites the LA-area clubs to a
midway-meeting at a park in the mountains. The roundtrip
is approximately 100-miles for clubs coming each way.

Henry hit-the-road,
FP00-HB-01.jpg (71452 bytes)

met a new friend,
FP00-HB-09.JPG (76800 bytes)

welcomed the first Model A,
FP00-HB-14.JPG (71256 bytes)

and all of the others,
FP00-HB-21.JPG (74124 bytes)

with Gordon's help.
FP00-HB-26.JPG (74656 bytes)


Henry fed the ducks,
FP00-HB-18.JPG (75864 bytes)

sat in the sun,
FP00-HB-24.JPG (47044 bytes)

inspected engines,
FP00-HB-46.JPG (72452 bytes)

examined mascots,
FP00-HB-47.JPG (70580 bytes)

took a test-drive,
FP00-HB-48.JPG (73352 bytes)

learned about the
5000-mile Award,
FP00-HB-49.JPG (72632 bytes)

greeted a new
Model A'er,
FP00-HB-58.JPG (50424 bytes)

and checked-out lunch
FP00-HB-52.JPG (52316 bytes)

and the door-prizes.
FP00-HB-54.JPG (64420 bytes)

Henry watched the games,
FP00-HB-60.JPG (72660 bytes)

guided a
FP00-HB-62.JPG (74236 bytes)

and judged the finals.
FP00-HB-59.JPG (76312 bytes)

Henry reminded all
to drive carefully
and arrive safely at home
FP00-HB-56.JPG (50720 bytes)

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