Henry “A” Bear
Hemmings Motor News
Bennington, Vermont


November 8, 2000

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Henry visits Hemmings Motor News on a beautiful sunny day in Bennington, Vermont.  Hemmings was founded in 1954 by Ernie Hemmings in Quincy, IL.  Our Publisher, Terry Ehrich brought Hemmings to Bennington in 1970.  The Company renovated this building and some departments moved into this location in 1996.
hemmings.gif (80188 bytes) Henry checks out the Model A Ford Collection at Hemmings Wall of Fame.
hemmings 5.jpg (30139 bytes) Henry is a lucky visitor, he even gets to visit Terry Ehrich’s office.  Terry is the President and Publisher of Hemmings Motor News.
hemmings 3.jpg (39409 bytes) Henry snuggles up beside the Fireplace in the Publisher’s office at Hemmings.
hemmings 4.jpg (32479 bytes) A visit to the Hemmings Sibley Shop to check out some of Hemmings Fleet!  Hemmings has over 77 collector vehicles and this facility houses  approximately 15-20.  The other vehicles are stored in various buildings in the surrounding area.  Henry sits on the bumper of our 1936 Chevrolet ½-ton Panel Truck, which is one of the original three panel trucks in the Hemmings fleet.  It is used around town and as a car show magazine hauler.  It has a 1972 engine and transmission and fiberglass fenders.
hemmings 2.jpg (58575 bytes) Henry misses his sweetie (Clara) and thinks fondly of home in California.  Henry sits in a 1908 Maxwell Runabout.  This Maxwell is in original condition, “as found in a barn”.  Hemmings has re-babbitted the engine, and cleaned up the running gear for reliability.  The body has been clear-coated to prevent further rusting.  One wheel need rebuilding and new tires were mounted.
Hemmings-18.JPG (75985 bytes) Henry checking out Hemmings 1930 Ford Model A Roadster.  Unrestored Model As are very rare these days.  This is an excellent example of one.  It appears to have only been painted.  Dents and dings not withstanding the sheet metal is very sound.
hemmings 8.jpg (39687 bytes) Henry says Hello to Jeremy one of the internet support folks at Hemmings.  Jeremy spends his day building car club web sites and helping to keep www.hemmings.com up and running. (Note the Hemmings collector car vehicle models on Jeremy’s shelf)
hemmings 1.jpg (47851 bytes) A visit to the Hemmings Motor News Sunoco Filling Station at 216 Main Street offers Finest Old-Fashioned Full Service, collector-car publications, automobilia, Vermont foods and  a  FREE Vintage Vehicle Display!
hemmings 6.jpg (102916 bytes) Henry hanging out at the Hemmings Gas Pump.  Hemmings purchased the four acre lot in 1992.  The Filling Station has won numerous awards for their first class customer service and clean restrooms!!
Hemmings-12.JPG (81428 bytes) Henry finishes off his Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream bar at the Hemmings Gift shop.
Hemmings-13.JPG (86905 bytes) Henry sits on one of our Hemmings employees new Xterras. Behind him is the Hemmings building which houses the Hemmings Web staff; including folks who work on the On-line Stores, Dealer’s Showroom, Hemmings Online Auction, our Hemmings Parts locator, as well as the Hemmings Car Club Services staff.  Notice how nicely the Xterra coordinates with Henry’s vest.
hemmings 9.jpg (32849 bytes) Henry visits the Bennington Battle Monument with Tim, one of  the Hemmings Customer Service & Sales Representatives. The monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington on August 16, 1977, a “turning point” in the Revolutionary war which lead to British defeat in the Battle of Saratoga.  The 304 feet tall monument was completed and dedicated in 1891.
hemmings 10.jpg (33028 bytes) On to Bennington Museum with Patti Prosowski [#], a member of the Car Club Services team, and, Henry's Hostess.  The Bennington Museum is an outstanding regional museum with extensive collections of American glass, Bennington ceramics, Revolutionary War artifacts as well as many works of art by Grandma Moses.
Hemmings-16a.JPG (176006 bytes) Outside the Bennington Museum, we check out the mountains surrounding Bennington.  Too bad Henry hadn’t arrived a couple of weeks sooner when Vermont’s foliage was in full bloom.

[#]   "We had a great time with Henry. 
He can’t wait to share his visit 
with the members 
of the Bakersfield Chapter, 
Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA)". 

Patti Prosowski
(hostess, photographer and story-teller)

Henry is the traveling ambassador for the Bakersfield Chapter,
Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA).

We are sincerely
to Patti and Henry's
other new friends at
Hemmings Motor News.

Please invite Henry
to visit your club/event

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