The following email to Henry "A" Bear
- from President Charlie Scott, MAFCA-2000 -
initiated this adventure

"As you know our meetings are open to all members. We would welcome your visit and the chance to meet with Henry "A" Bear! Our meeting is on Saturday, 16 September, begins at 8 a.m. and runs until about 5 p.m.. If you are there during lunch hour, we usually have sandwiches and soft drinks. Please feel free to join us.
A's always, Charlie."

Henry arrives at MAFCA's
International Headquarters

(250 South Cypress, La Habra CA -USA)

MAFCA Headquarters.JPG (70832 bytes)

and is welcomed by
President Charlie

President Scott welcomes Henry.JPG (65368 bytes)

who - on behalf of the board -
presents Henry with a nicely-wrapped gift.

Henry tries to guess what is in the box

Presidential gift - what is in the box.JPG (69876 bytes)

gives-up, opens it and meets Clara Bear.

Mr and Mrs Bear - Henry A and Carla.JPG (50508 bytes)

Henry decides Clara is definately a "keeper"
and sincerely thanks the board for the introduction.

After a nice lunch
Henry joins the members in the audience
and asks a question of the board-members.

Henry and President Scott discuss important issue.JPG (72284 bytes)

President Charlie explained that the "back-up data"
for the budget-item is on the computer of
MAFCA's Office Manager

Sandra Aquirre - office manager -
fully explains the item to
Henry and Director Chet Wojcik

Sandra explains budget to Henry.JPG (74872 bytes)

Henry enjoyed his visit, was impressed with
the quality of leadership and reminds
other members that they are also welcome
to attend Directors' Meetings.

As Henry travels through-out
the MAFCA World, he may
discuss/explore a future run
for a directorship.

Please invite Henry
to visit your club/event

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