arrives in
New Zealand.
Arrives.JPG (106445 bytes)

With hosts Keith and Lyn
he checks out the view of
 Haulashore Island
in the Nelson harbour
Harbor.jpg (37203 bytes)
and watches the sun
go down downunder.
  Sunset.jpg (16372 bytes)

During a visit with
Carl, Sandra & Aliya
of Nelson
he searches for Kiwis
in the native bush
wpe2.jpg (43141 bytes)

Henry visits the monument
marking the geographical
center of New Zealand

Earlier in the day
he inspects a
Kiwifruit orchard.

Henry visits with
Model A owners
 Carolyn & Ray Maguire,

owners of
Ardilea Manor -
Bed and Breakfast Guest house,
and slides down
their bannister


 New Zealand
is sometimes known
as the adrenaline capital
of the world,
with many outdoor activities
such as Sky-diving,
white water rafting
and para-gliding.
Henry tries out
Bungee Jumping !
Bungee.jpg (81951 bytes)
 Henry gets up close
and personal
with one of the locals,
Big Kiwi Bird.jpg (45547 bytes)
and then
checks the sign post
to see how far
he is from home
(California, USA):
Wow !
over 10,000 kilometers !
Signpost.jpg (38073 bytes)


One of the nicest things
about living in a small country
with not many people
is that
sometimes you have
Kaiteriteri Beach to yourself.
Kaiteriteri Beach.jpg (32928 bytes)


Henry is in New Zealand
representing MAFCA
at the
New Zealand
Fifth Annual
Model A Ford Meet
(Easter Weekend - 2001)

He is hitching a ride
to the Meet
Gae and Jim Galway's
Galway Roadster.jpg (64848 bytes)

Henry checks the map
to learn about
the 3-hour ferry-ride
Picton (South Island)
Wellington (North Island)
NZ-Map.jpg (48306 bytes)

Gae and Henry waiting for the ferry
to catch the 3-hour ride
from South Island to North Island.

The Interisland Ferry is in the background.
nz-2-01.jpg (70393 bytes)

This young lady saw the old cars
in the queue waiting for the ferry
and decided to introduce herself
to Henry and the fellow passengers.

Henry checks-out the parking deck
of the Cook Strait Ferry
 on the journey to the capital city Wellington
nz-2-03.jpg (38375 bytes)

Upon arriving in the city of Wanganui for the National Meet,
Henry met Jody on the rally registration desk.
nz-2-04.jpg (36848 bytes)

Here are a few of the cars that Henry saw at the rally.
nz-2-05.jpg (25718 bytes)
nz-2-06.jpg (32820 bytes) nz-2-07.jpg (32521 bytes) 
nz-2-08.jpg (27801 bytes) nz-2-09.jpg (33606 bytes) nz-2-10.jpg (35005 bytes)

Members of "Top of the South Model A Club"
who attended the National Rally
and took care of Henry Bear
at the Evening Dinner.

nz-2-11.jpg (47142 bytes)

A couple of New Zealand kids
get to have breakfast with Henry.

nz-2-12.jpg (21616 bytes)

Henry has a ride on the train
at the Modelers area
at Tehuna Beach in Nelson

nz-2-13.jpg (59263 bytes)

Henry checks out a right-hand drive Model T.
nz-2-14.jpg (49909 bytes)

Henry reluctantly left his many new friends
and returned home to Bakersfield, California (USA).




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